A wide range of fields, but uncompromising on quality!

Her long experience in interpreting and translating has given her a good grasp of numerous and varied subjects, as well as tried and tested methods to address relatively new ones.

Since it’s impossible to be an expert in all fields, one hallmark of an experienced professional is to know his/her limits. Janet will not take on a commitment if she feels unsure of providing the quality you deserve. But thanks to formal and informal networking and direct experience working together on assignments, she can often put you in contact with a colleague who is truly competent in your subject.

…where some subjects have become favourites

With loyal customers, the same subjects often come up again and become familiar. As time goes by, it’s almost impossible to be caught out on some topics! That’s one way that “specialization” grows…

Of course, the strong points of western France’s economy also explain certain salient features on Janet’s agenda. So you most likely won’t be surprised to see that the ocean and nature take centre stage.

Sea and shore

  • Marine science: biology, microbiology, geomorphology, etc.
  • Marine renewable energy sources
  • Water quality, pollution and pollution response at sea
  • Marine bioeconomics, fisheries, aquaculture, development of products from the sea
  • Underwater, satellite and remote-sensing technologies
  • Maritime and port safety and security
  • Ocean technologies, sailing and water sports, traditional sail
  • Protection of marine mammals, sharks, etc.

Environment and sustainable development

  • Wildlife, habitats, wetlands, biodiversity
  • Renewable and conventional energy sources
  • Framework Directives: Water, Habitats, Birds, Marine environment strategy
  • Global change

Spatial planning

  • Town planning, master plans, ecological corridors
  • Urban revitalization, brownfield zones
  • Integrated coastal zone management, erosion and flooding hazards
  • Managing ports and harbours, valuable use of dredge spoil
  • Transport grids and networks

Biotechnologies and the agrifood business

  • Food and nutrition for animals and humans
  • Integrated crop management
  • Animal health and well-being, animal husbandry techniques
  • Seaweed and algae
  • Nutrition and health

Human sciences and society

  • Human rights, equal opportunities
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Women’s employment, female entrepreneurship, gender equality
  • Social enterprises, social and professional reintegration
  • Foresight studies, creativity and imagination
  • Psychology
  • Coastal archeology
  • Media and sustainable development