A demanding activity – and an asset for your event’s success

Interpreting is an exacting exercise which requires much more than being bilingual. Along with mastery of the actual techniques used (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered) professional interpreters need sound nerves, concentration and adaptability!

Conferences or formal meetings

For seminars, symposia and other formal meetings, simultaneous (or conference) interpreting involves working with headsets and microphones in a soundproof booth, relayed by at least one colleague. With the adequate team(s) and equipment, translations can be provided through listeners’ headsets, without hampering the flow of communication.

Less formal meetings or site visits

Liaison interpreting is suited to smaller meetings, business lunches, tours of facilities, field trips etc. The interpreter accompanies the participants, listening and taking notes before reproducing what was said in the other language or providing a whispered interpretation to one or two participants. Liaison situations often include site visits and tours of facilities, and in this case, guided tour equipment consisting of a hand-held microphone and headsets for the participants comes into its own. This kit can be an option for very small group meetings as well, under conditions well-defined in advance.

Bidule lors d'une visite sur un bateau Visite

Organizing your interpreting needs

Consecutive interpretation

Each situation has its specificities in terms of the objectives, venue, duration, type and number of participants and speakers. All these elements must be taken into account to find the solution best suited to your needs. Janet’s experience and contacts can help you to choose the human and technical resources that will make your event successful.

Janet is increasingly engaged by agencies and welcomes the opportunity to work in collaboration with those which are highly professional. She recommends them without fail for requests involving several languages or complex logistics.

Likewise, she can either give you advice or contact details for technical service providers, or draw up an estimate which also covers your requirements for equipment and technicians.


Are you organizing a meeting or a conference? You (and your attendees) will have spent time and money to make it happen. Bear in mind that trying to save pennies on a strategic item like interpreting can reduce all your efforts to naught if the final outcome is inadequate communication.

A high-quality service including preparation time, reserving availability and skills inevitably has a cost attached. But think of it as an investment for the success of your event, rather than just an expense! And don’t hesitate to discuss this with Janet, for the best possible proposal.