Now an activity to complement interpreting

With her long experience and a reputation for supplying quality work, Janet receives many requests for written translations. It has become impossible to combine them with her main activity of conference and other interpreting.

Translating and interpreting can be mutually enriching and complementary – but only to a point! It is often impossible to provide the reactivity needed for urgent translations (particularly certified documents for individuals) or to take on others without jeopardizing the time spent preparing and travelling for interpreting jobs. It is a fine line to toe.

Janet’s solution has been to request that her court certification be limited to interpreting alone (since 2007), so she does not provide sworn or certified translations of official documents.

She still translates some documents for long-standing customers which update, broaden and further her technical knowledge and awareness … and stand her in good stead for numerous interpreting assignments.

Long accustomed to dealing with large documents like prestigious annual reports, Janet has had the opportunity to translate a few books. This is opening new horizons, since contacts with editors and authors are also a great source of the intellectual stimulation that keen interpreters and translators thrive on. She hopes to continue on that path in coming years and combine it with furthering her personal interests: human and animal communications, metamorphoses, psychology and absolutely everything about spiders!